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Frank Sobrio, Principal and Artistic Director at francapelli academy

With over 38 years in the hairdressing industry, it was time to realise my life goal and set up a training academy with a difference and to give back to this dynamic industry.  


I believe it is vital we do more to encourage young people to embrace hairdressing as their career choice. I believe together we need to do more to counteract the current skills shortage in order to shape our future hairdressing stars. With the passion I’m renowned for, I’ve often been described as a devil’s advocate.


I’ve earned this reputation through constantly pushing boundaries and questioning our industry direction.  Yet my peers also describe me as a visionary, a creator, an inventor and leading educator. 

When embarking on the academy project, our market research demonstrated the necessity for variety in a student’s development.  


In other words, we had to account for individual student needs.  We also had to carefully consider the type of tools and resources required to deliver quality training and as a professional educational facility, we created the systems, policies and procedures based on over 38 years of experience to make sure they meet the professional standards of the hairdressing industry.

Frank Sobrio, Principal

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Frank Sobrio

Principal and Artistic Director

Jane Ryan

Director Administration

Meet The Team